Welcome to the world of colour, product design, high-quality printing and artistic ingenuity! True to its name, PODS is a digital printing firm that engages in a chain of visual communication through print and design. With an all-round dedicated team of employees who are true to their work, our leading edge designers produce quality work and also have the flexibility to design a diverse range of printed materials.

Whether the colour needed is coral blue or sky blue, or whether it needs to have a glossy or matt finish, PODS will help you choose. We believe that work that is monitored closely brings out better effects. Perfection lies in scrutiny.

So how can we help you? With more than 50 years of consolidated experience, we have seen a vast change in customer requirements, and while sticking to the same quality standards we change when you change. Larger print orders are making way for smaller, personalized printing and today we see the world in digital.

To suit these exact needs of our varied customer base, PODS moulds itself while taking the digital printing industry forward. We are here, to stay with you. We are here, to serve you.



From curetting the best paper to looking for patterns to deciding a budget tobrainstorming about the entire design strategy, research is one of the most essential steps we employ while designing something for you.


While striking the best requirement for the customer in terms of end product, PODS makes sure that while the end product is pretty, it is also equally useful.


At PODS we believe that a big idea can be also be created from something small, so in this step we create by giving life to ideas!


As a rule of thumb, at PODS we deliver what we promise and right on time! Fast, quick prints with extraordinary designs are what we finally give to you as an end product.


The PODS Team is the core of all its success and endeavors. With each one as different from the other, they work in close association, and seem to be spokes of the same wheel. As the adage rightly says - Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. The team at PODS is definitely one whose strength lies in their unison.


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